Add items to Grocery List (AnyList) with Siri

I like using Any List app for Apple, macOS, iOS, iPad and Siri; the works, the Apple ecosystem I prefer.

The paid subscription(s) lets you do more and I certainly find the price(s) reasonable: AnyList Complete is just $9.99 / year for an individual or $14.99 / year for a household.

The free version is generous and worth trying.

While I scratch the surface on the potential of this app, what I discovered yesterday is a fantastic feature and worth sharing. While I was driving to the Grocery store and thinking of more things to get, I used the following voice commands to add to the list. Support: Using AnyList with Apple Siri Voice Control: Support Article

Here is the Voice command I used, let me know what you think.
Hey Siri, Add Pickles to GroceryList Anylist

It is worth plugging they have a Google app also but I am uncertain as to its equivalent capabilities, link here


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