Homebridge ADT-Pulse plugin integration

Link: https://github.com/mrjackyliang/homebridge-adt-pulse#readme

Configure 2-Factor Authentication

With the recent updates, ADT Pulse now requires 2-factor authentication for your account. In the near future, this fingerprint will be required. Before you begin, make sure 2-Factor Authentication is already setup.

Steps to Follow
1. Open a Chrome browser tab (under Incognito mode)
2. Open Developer Tools (using View ➜ Developer ➜ Developer Tools menu)
3. Click on the Network tab (make sure Preserve log checkbox is checked)
4. In the filter box, enter signin.jsp?networkid=
5. Go to https://portal.adtpulse.com or https://portal-ca.adtpulse.com and login to your account
6. Click Request Code, type in the requested code, and then click Submit Code
7. Click Trust this device and name the device Homebridge
8. Click Save and Continue
9. Click Sign Out in the top right corner of the webpage
10. Login to your account (once again)
11. Click on the network call (beginning with signin.jsp?networkid=) appearing in the DevTools window. Select the last one.
12. In the Payload tab, under Form Data, copy the entire fingerprint (after fingerprint:, do not include spaces)
13. Paste the copied text into the fingerprint field into your config.json
Close the Chrome window (DO NOT sign out)


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