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This holiday telecommute to work

Posted December 17th, 2010 in Blog

Are you able to work from home and/or while away from the office? Unless you are in retail, I think the Christmas Holiday is the best time to implement intra-office business continuity practice testing and as an IT consultant I will bring up the subject of telecommuting when rounding out any BCP-DR consulting session. I will always mention that people should be prepared to work outside or away from the office because weather events will happen.

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Remote Technical Support

Posted December 5th, 2010 in features

We solve most Technical Support problems via Remote Access and usually within 15 minutes: via phone call… E-mail… Web Trouble ticket-responses… Tel: (703) 379-1009 Call now, and ask about our contract preventative maintenance service plans. Service Overview Impaxsys provides you with live-support capabilities. We can easily view and control your computers online to quickly resolve […]

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After Hours Support

Posted December 4th, 2010 in features

When it can not wait -> Call Now: (703) 310-7809 Accessing Technical Support After Hours The Impaxsys Technical Support Staff Center is opened Monday – Friday from 7:30am until 5:00pm . Outside of these hours, we maintain an on-call system for emergency requests. To report an issue or request assistance, simply call (703) 310-7809, and […]

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Apple Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) & Integartion Support

Posted November 30th, 2010 in Apple, Services

Apple Hardware | Apple Software | iPads | iPhones | iBooks – Laptops Prepress & Publishing Systems | Design & Photography | TCO & ROI Enterprise | Small-to-Medium Business | Home Office Impaxsys Apple Service & Support is more knowledgeable of Apple hardware, laptops, smart phones, servers, pda’s and peripherals as we have been integrating […]

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