Small and Medium Business (SMB) Support impaxsys

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Support

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Support

We are just like you…
In that we are a small business too. Small Business Owners: we know all too well what it takes to own and operate your own business.

Take it from us; we have been there too
As you operate day-to-day and plan for future growth or just sustaining the budget; we’re here to help and anxious to help you succeed in every one of the dreams that you have had in owning and operating your own business.

You’re not alone
Impaxsys specializes in providing small businesses with computer and networking support. We are your IT department, as you progress — we all succeed.

Some of the Services and Procedures we can help your business with:
1) Troubleshooting and Repair
2) Networking Services; Firewalls and Security
3) Data Recovery and Business Continuity
4) Service and Preventative Maintenance Planning
5) Virus/Spyware Detection and Removal
6) Onsite-online customized Training
7) Customized Hardware Solutions tailored to your needs

Small and medium enterprises (also SMEs, small and medium businesses, SMBs, and variations thereof) are companies whose headcount or turnover falls below certain limits.

The abbreviation SME occurs commonly in the European Union and in international organizations, such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the WTO. The term small and medium businesses or SMBs is predominantly used in the USA.

EU Member States traditionally have their own definition of what constitutes an SME, for example the traditional definition in Germany had a limit of 250 employees, while, for example, in Belgium it could have been 100. But now the EU has started to standardize the concept. Its current definition categorizes companies with fewer than 10 employees as “micro”, those with fewer than 50 employees as “small”, and those with fewer than 250 as “medium”.[1] By contrast, in the United States, when small business is defined by the number of employees, it often refers to those with fewer than 100 employees, while medium-sized business often refers to those with fewer than 500 employees.

Both the US and the EU generally use the same threshold of fewer than 10 employees for small offices (SOHO).

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