Lobbying & Public Relations IT Support Specialists

Lobbying and Public Relations

Lobbying and Public Relations

You have plans and a proven track record of solid public relations strategies that reflect years of working long and hard hours on Capitol Hill. Now  after you have moved to K St., we will guide you through sustaining the greatest control over your Information Technology; around the office, social networking with People inside the Beltway, and on the Public facing Web to achieve your overall client’s business goals with the least amount of friction.

Now that you are in the big league (Private Sector) the Office of the Sergeant of Arms (Internet Security), The Architect of the Capitol (IT Infrastructure/Help Desk)  and the Capitol Police no longer handle your Technical support.

Introducing: Impaxsys “K” Street IT Support

For Lobbyist Executives and Public Relations Professionals and firms working in and around the Washington, DC Metro Area

Use your Technology — don’t be used by your Technology.

It’s a solid strategy. It reflects years of experience and lessons learned the hard way. Now you need greater control — of your resources, your communications, your staff and your information online and around the office. And just as important, all the valuable connections you have cultivated around the Beltway through the years.

Impaxys consultants configure your systems for greater precision and control of the Information Technology you utilize on the Web, in the office and while you’re traveling around DC or the World for that matter. Impaxsys can enable instant and redundant access to your information and powerful new tools.

Impaxsys Consultants will help you more effectively do what you do best:
• Raise money and fundraising
• Comply with FEC and legal disclosure requirements
• Mobilize support and communicate your message
• Identify your base and/or convince the undecided
• Get Out The Votes
• Become more Web 2.0 Social by linking to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Don’t delay – because it takes time to cultivate these, we’ll show how today.

Impaxsys offers Expert and discreet professionally-managed IT Network Consulting & IT Support
Remote Monitoring Disaster Recovery, call on Impaxsys Tech Support in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.


The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, enacted on September 14, 2007 (P.L. 110-81), amends the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. The legislation requires that all contributions to federal office holders committees and all expenditures incurred in the process of federal lobbying be reported.

Impaxsys can help you configure your PAC Campaign Management Systems; ask us today: Tel: (703) 310-7809.

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2011 Disclosure Filing Deadlines

Lobbying Disclosure Forms Archive
Click on the link below to download blank semiannual LD2 forms. Forms Archive

Quarterly Activity Reports Due Dates:
April 20 1st Quarter (1.1 – 3.31.11)
July 20 2nd Quarter (4.1 – 6.30.11)
October 20 3rd Quarter (7.1 – 9.30.11)
January 20 4th Quarter (10.1 – 12.31.11)

Contribution Reports*
July 30 Mid Year (January 1 – June 30)
January 30 Year End (July 1 – December 31)
*If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the report is due the following business day.


House Floor Today:

  • H.Res.780
  • H.R.4545
  • H.R.4263
  • H.R.138

  • House Floor: Twitter

    Senate Floor Today:

    Senate Floor: Twitter