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This holiday telecommute to work

Posted December 17th, 2010 and tagged , by admin

Are you able to work from home and/or while away from the office? Unless you are in retail, I think the Christmas Holiday is the best time to implement intra-office business continuity practice testing and as an IT consultant I will bring up the subject of telecommuting when rounding out any BCP-DR consulting session. I will always mention that people should be prepared to work outside or away from the office because weather events will happen.

This Christmas ask your boss to Work from Home for a day or two! (link)

Ask and Answer these questions:

If a weather event prevents you or your staff from getting to work this winter:

Can your staff still communicate and conduct business online? via E-mail? Company telephone systems?

Can your office phones be forwarded or re-routed to different locations?
Can you access your telephone systems reprogramming capabilities outside of the office?
Can you reprogram your phones, e-mail and integrated mobile communications systems when your office has been knocked offline? BES servers? Firewalls? LAN applications and servers?

Can you do all the above for an extended period of time?

First things first, and why I think the Christmas Holiday Season (now) is a great time to test and implement your BCP plans.

Ask your boss, your team or your staff if you can test telecommuting from home this holiday season!  And do no stop there, be really productive to show  that this works for everyone.

As a longtime development manager, I have always been a big fan of telecommuting whenever appropriate.  You can get so much more from your staff when they’re comfortable and happy.

Ask your boss today, it is Friday and Merry Computing from Impaxsys

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